Abby Sanchez

Abby Sanchez (she/her) is a Filipina-American actress native to New Jersey. Growing up in Parsippany she spent countless hours of her childhood in constant creative states whether it be singing and dancing, DIY crafting, or bathing in the light of local performance spaces. Her love for acting was found in her hometown school auditoriums where she discovered the power of community building through performance. Outside of school her passion is traveling. She finds that adventure and constant exploration helps to fuel the fire of her life and her work. Her work in Holy Week (Victoria) and In a Word (Man) have gifted her the chance to play the unexpected heartbreaker, which helps her pave the path to subverting the expectations for Asian American women in all spaces. In addition to acting, she also adores writing, and plans to develop her own works to share more about the Filipina American experience.

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