Maxim Bouffard


“It is only when focusing on others that we allow our own light to shine through the surface.”

Maxim Bouffard is from Paris, France and Santa Rosa, California, and has lived in a handful of countries across the globe. His life of constantly adapting to new cultures has allowed him to approach acting as a familiar ritual of wearing a new skin. Besides his main passion for the theatre, he spends his time making films and music videos, playing the drums and the ukulele, solving the most difficult Sudoku puzzles he can find, people watching, and searching for new things to learn. His most recent roles include Alan, in “Break”; Leontes, in “The Winter’s Tale”; Prince Pretty-Man, in “The Rehearsal”; Slim, in “Cowboy Mouth”; Milty, in “Dead End” and Gerald, in “Sisyphus is Happy”. Maxim is hungry for creation and can’t wait to see what life has to offer him.

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