Isabella Maria Valdés


My weapon has always been language, and I’ve always used it, but it has changed. Instead of shaping the words like knives now, I think they’re flowers, or bridges.

Sandra Cisneros

Isabella Maria Valdés (she/they) is a Cuban American and Puerto Rican artist from the tropical paradise that is the 305 (Miami, Florida). Growing up, Isabella spent a lot of time being an active member in community arts, most of which spent in her church choir. She owes a big part of her artistic journey to that same community. The music director, with the help of his husband, would run every choir rehearsal bringing forth forward thinking material. Not every church lets a 10 year old sing Lady Gaga- especially Born This Way. The biggest insight those two men gave to her was that the privilege to have all eyes on her is when she must speak truth to power. Isabella hopes to work with artists like Melinda Lopez, Alexis Scheer, and J. Sebastián Alberdi, to create and be part of work that gives back to her community; stories that intersect queerness, feminism and latinidad.

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