Eden Jing Rollé

Eden Jing Rollé hails from Chinatown, New York City, born to a Chinese-American public school math teacher and a Black theater arts teacher. As a nonbinary Blasian, Eden Jing has always existed at numerous intersections. They were empowered to show up in the fullness of their identities by their earliest mentors – individuals dedicated to the accessibility of community-centered art for young people.

At age 8, Eden Jing joined the theater program at their elementary school and later, began dancing with Jacques d’Amboise’s National Dance Institute and singing with community choruses. They enrolled at the Professional Performing Arts High School as a Musical Theater major, discovering that people create culture, culture changes behavior, and behavior changes policy; thus, artists must reflect the times. 

Eden attended Mason Gross School of the Arts, pursuing their passion of experiencing other countries and encountering new works. An ever-evolving awareness of self and the systemic realities that shape their city and country fuels Eden Jing participation in mutual aid efforts throughout the five boroughs. They tell intersectional stories that illuminate the connectivity of Black, Brown + Asian communities, as well as investigate the patriarchal illusions that shackle us and suppress our capacity for imagination.

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