Ari Deram


I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me.

Maya Angelou and Terence

Ari Deram (she/her) is a first generation Iranian-American actress. She was born and raised in the beautiful beach cities of Los Angeles, CA.

Ari’s love for acting was initially sprung by her deep passion for singing, which seems to have followed her everywhere in life. Seriously, she is always singing. Like, always. When did she fall in love with acting? She suspects it seeped into her subconscious between the first and 300th watch of The Sound of Music as a toddler.

She has performed and sang on iconic stages including The Pantages Theatre (Hollywood), The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (LA), and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (London).

Amongst her many goals in Film and TV, one of her aspirations is to be a role model to young people of the MENA and Iranian communities through her involvement in forward moving work: work that shows Middle Eastern people as human beings, not stereotypes. She is excited and hopeful for what the future holds.

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