Aline Stokes

“I am extremely excited to be entering the industry as it is redeveloping. I can’t wait to add my voice to the exploration of the new ways of storytelling.”

Aline hails from New Iberia, Louisiana. Coming from a long line of storytellers, she had the bug from a very young age. Then she was introduced to theatre by her father and there was no turning back.

Since then she has been on a life-time learning mission to deepen her craft and explore the different avenues of tale telling.

She received her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University in performance and directing. She has studied and taken master courses in multiple physical theatre techniques including Alexander, Dah, and Williamson. She has also performed and travelled all over the world in search of art in all mediums that speaks to her.

In the future, she’d love to have an opportunity to return and perform in some of her favorite cities such as Berlin and London.

Currently you can catch Aline in the SyFy original film “Ozark Sharks” as well as hear some of her voice work in the video game “Red Dead Redemption II”.

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